I grew up playing team sports and one important lesson I learned was this: We can squabble in the dugout but when we are on the field, we are on the same team, with the same objective ... TO WIN!

Too many politicians have either forgotten this valuable truth or just never learned it.  The citizens of this nation are angry because our elected leaders have been too busy fighting among themselves or across party lines to hear the voices of every day citizens. How can we win for our nation if we care more about 'who gets the credit' than we do about moving our nation forward?

We need leaders that will have the courage to bridge the divide and begin creating an atmosphere that puts citizens above party and results above ego. Time to roll up our sleeves and get to work for our communities, our state, and our nation. We must be able to dare to dream once again!

If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me, donate, or volunteer.  
​The game we face will not be easy but together we can win; for our children, our families, and for each other. 

Politics is a team sport:

Beth Danae Caulfield, Candidate

​​Beth Danae​


Proudly endorsed by these notable business leaders:

“Former Commissioner Beth ‘Danae’ Caulfield has fought with us against the tolls for the past four years. She has walked neighborhoods in support of anti-toll candidates and worked with legislators to try and stop this unfair, expensive, and damaging
project. Danae has never voted for I-77 tolls, and we ask citizens to not believe the deceptive mailers sent out by PACs.”

Kurt Naas, NC Open Government Coalition “Citizen of the Year”       

Jim Puckett, County Commissioner

John Aneralla, Mayor of Huntersville    

John Hettwer, Former Chariman-Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce

Huntersville Town Commissioners:  Danny Phillips, Dan Boone, Mark Gibbons, 

Rob Kidwell, and Charles S. Guignard, &  Lt. Col. Tom Davis, Former Candidate NC House 92
Also endorsed by:    
 *Anti-toll group, I-77 Business Plan       *Real Estate Building Industry Coalition, REBIC

​​As a Town Commissioner, Ms. Caulfield helped me when my small business needed it the most. She is very caring and quickly resolved my problem. Thank you so much again Ms. Caulfield and will support you 100%.  

Robert Vasquez Jr., Huntersville Business Owner -  Auto Tech 

As a Town Commissioner, Danae  Caulfield, was the only one to step up and work tirelessly with me for 2 years to ensure St. Mark had a connecting sidewalk in front of the school & church campus. She also helped us obtain the proper school zone speed limit from NCDOT. Please vote for her, she will work hard for all of us. 

 Martha Fleming, Parishioner & parent, St Mark Catholic Church and school             


NC House 92​